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Useful Phrases For Speaking Test 1

What happens during a MUET Speaking Test (Paper 2)

· Enter the examination hall

· Check your identification with the examiner by presenting your identity card and your examination slip

· Sit down as instructed by the examiner (Candidate A,B,C or D)

· Read the question ONLY when you are allowed to do so. DO NOT write anything on the question paper

· You can ask the examiner if you do not understand your task ONLY after the one minute reading time

· You are given 2 minutes to prepare for your individual presentation (Task A). DO NOT discuss with other candidates

· Individual presentation (Task A) starts (2 minutes each) with Candidate A, followed by Candidate B, C and D.

· You are given 2 minutes to prepare for your group discussion (Task B). DO NOT discuss with other candidates

· Group discussion (Task B) starts. Anyone can start the discussion. You are given 10 minutes to discuss.

· Leave the examination room quietly. DO NOT take anything out of the examination room except your IC and exam slip.

Tips and Techniques

Preparation – 2 minutes

§ read the given situation carefully to ensure you understand the situation and task at hand

§ write down the key words and aspects you have to deal with in the situation

§ write down all your ideas using short notes or mind maps

§ DO NOT attempt to write down all you want to say

§ number or sequence your ideas in logical manner so that it shows good cohesion and maturity of thought

Individual Presentation

§ begin by greeting your audience

§ speak clearly and loud enough for those in the exam room to hear you

§ aim for grammatical accuracy and speak in complete sentences

§ if you get stuck, rephrase what you want to say in simple language. If still cannot continue, leave that idea and move on to the next point that you want to talk about

§ make eye contact with the examiner and other candidates

§ DO NOT read from the script

§ You are only allowed slight hand movements but do not go overboard

Group Discussions

§ Listen attentively

§ Remember to talk about the task at hand and DO NOT go out of point

§ Be a team player and DO NOT monopolise the discussion

§ Help, prompt and encourage others to contribute to the discussion

§ Show that you value what others had said by using appropriate expressions

§ If you disagree with someone, express your disagreement politely and give your reasons

§ Display your ability to manage a discussion by indicating, maintaining and concluding a discussion

When listening to others

§ listen attentively

§ take down short notes

§ DO NOT write everything that is being said

§ DO NOT do your own work

§ DO NOT interrupt the speaker or pass comments

§ Show interest in what your friends have to say by using appropriate body language like nodding your head

Useful Expressions

Various Expressions used in asking for and expressing opinions



Asking for an opinion

What’s your opinion on…

What do you think of…

What are your views on …

Do you have anything to add?

Don’t you think that…

Giving opinions

I believe that..

I am certain that..

I must say..

It is quite clear that..

I maintain that ..

I am sure that …

As far as I am concerned ..

I suppose . ..

From my point of view ..

In my opinion..

I think that…

I would say that …

It seems to me that …

I think it would be fair to say that …

I guess..



Complete Agreement

I totally agree with you

I see your point of view

That’s true/right/brilliant

That’s good/splendid idea

True. I am glad you say that

Yes, I feel the same way. I agree

Yes, I’m sure you are right

Absolutely/ Definitely

I couldn’t agree with you more

Yes, I think that is a wonderful idea

Direct Disagreement

I’m sorry, I beg to differ

I absolutely disagree with you

I’m sorry but I have to disagree

I disagree

I am afraid that I don’t agree

I don’t think so

I don’t see your point

I don’t get it

Tentative Partial Agreement

I agree with you to a point

I agree with you to a certain extent

I think you are right but

You’ve got a point there but

Well, perhaps you are right

I agree that….but…

That may be so but

I will take that into considerations

Indirect Disagreement

Are you sure?

I could be wrong but

I see your point but I think it would be better if ..


Oh, I don’t know about that

I’m not sure about that

I do not think that is always true because

Some expressions used in making suggestions, recommendations and some possible responses.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to

Shall we

I think we should

I feel that we should

Perhaps we could

Why don’t we

What about

How about


It might be a good idea to

Have you ever thought of

Maybe we should

If I were you, I would

Don’t you think we should

Positive response

Yes, that’s a good idea

That would be nice


Negative response

I think that is out of the question

I can foresee problems

I’m not convinced that this will work

The suggestions will give rise to other problems

I’d rather not

No. I don’t really like the idea

No, I really don’t think so


I strongly recommend that

I strongly advise that

I propose that

I would like to put forward a proposal that

Positive response

I fully support

I am in favour of

I totally agree with

I approve of

I see no objection to that

I would certainly endorse

Negative response

I am totally opposed to the proposal

I think that is out of the question

I can foresee problems

I’m not convinced that this will work

This will give rise to other problems

Various expressions that may be used in persuading someone



Have you considered

Do you realize that

Don’t you think

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to

I wonder if you have thought of

Maybe you should consider

It would be in your own interest to

I can assure you that

You have no need to fear

I encourage you to

I am very sure there is no harm

I feel you should

I persuade you to



You need to organize your speech so that there is a smooth glow of ideas.




- Introduce topic

-Highlight main points of task

-Give definition (if any)

-Include major points and elaborate on them

-Talk about the most important point first

-Use transition signals to connect ideas

-Reinstate your opinion

-Summarize main points of the topic

-Give advice or recommendations

Some expressions you may use when presenting information.


Let me enlighten you on

Today, I would like to talk on

I have been asked to talk on

I would like to begin by

The reason I am here is to talk about


I would like to mention briefly

I would like to comment on

There are several points I would like to make

My first point is

Firstly / First of all

To begin with

The next issue is

Furthermore/Moreover/ In addition

Let me give you an example

Let us consider


In general

All in all

In a nutshell

Let me conclude by saying

I would like to conclude by



When managing a discussion, you will

- Thank people for coming and then start a discussion

- introduce the subject or problem

- have to invite people to speak

- need to encourage group participation

- close/ conclude the discussion

Some expressions that you can use in managing a discussion.


Good morning, thank you for coming

Thank you all for coming

Thanks for being here

Shall we start?

Right, let’s begin

May I have your attention please


First, let’s tackle the issue of

Today we are meeting to discuss

Let’s talk about the problem of

We’re here to talk about



· Good morning to the examiners and all my friends.

· Firstly, I would like to suggest …………….

· My main point is ……………….. (explain/give example)

· My next point is ……………….. (explain/give example)

· The next point I would like to make is ……………( )

· However / But / Nevertheless …………………. Etc

· I have mentioned earlier that ………………….

· Therefore / Thus / Hence …………………….. etc

· In short …………………………

· Thank you.


· Good morning …………………

· First of all, I propose ………………….

· The most important factor is ………………… (explain/give example)

· Next, let’s look at ……………………………. ( )

· Another suggestion is………………………( )

· However / But / Nevertheless …………………..etc

· Therefore / Thus / Hence / As a result …………………….etc

· Those are the suggestions …………..

· Thank you.


· Good morning…………..

· As a start, I would like to suggest …………………..

· It is important to …………………………(explain/give example)

· The next issue is ……………………….( )

· Another point I would like to emphasize is ……………( )

· However / But / Nevertheless …………..

· Therefore / Thus / Hence / As a result ……………….

· In summary, I would suggest ………….

· Thank you.


· Good morning ……….

· I would like to begin by suggesting ………………

· One important reason is ……………….(explain/give example)

· Next, I would like to highlight …………( )

· Moving on to my next point, which is ……….. ( )

· However / But / Nevertheless …………..

· Therefore / Thus / Hence / As a result ……………….

· As a conclusion, I would say…………..

· Thank you.


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Zarul Ariff said...

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